Raspberry Tissue Cultured Plants

Raspberry is well-known for its benefits to the heart, it is low in fats and carbs, a good source of fiber and vitamins. Raspberry could be used as a part of an immunity boosting diet as well.

India has a huge market for health conscience and weight loss diet products. And specially after the corona crisis there has been a spike in immunity booster diets, this makes a perfect condition for Raspberry in India.

SB Agritech is a leading importer of Raspberry and related produce, we are also a major importer of Raspberry in India. With our 50 Years of existence in the market and strong network with farmers, wholesalers and distributors we have very fast movement of Raspberry produce, which helps us to provide fresher products and hence distributors, sellers and consumers get more shelf-life of our product. To Buy Raspberry in India please feel free to contact us. We are the Supplier of Raspberry in India to more than 80 distributors.

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