Sharon is very well known for its rich nutritious values and honey-like sweet taste, it contains low calories and many important vitamins, especially “Vitamin A” which makes more than 50% of fruit, is a fat-soluble agent. Because of such properties it is a great weight loss friendly fruit, immune functionality booster.

Sharon / Persimmon have a great potential in Indian market as sales of immunity boosters and weight loss products have been growing year by year. And especially after a corona crisis, people are very much focused on immunity improvement, which again increases the significance of fruits like Sharon in India.

SB Agritech is a leading importer of Sharon and related produce, we are also a major importer of Sharon in India. With our 50 Years of existence in the market and strong network with farmers, wholesalers and distributors we have very fast movement of Sharon produce, which helps us to provide fresher products and hence distributors, sellers and consumers get more shelf-life of our product. To Buy Sharon in India please feel free to contact us. We are the Supplier of Sharon in India to more than 80 distributors.

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